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Ode to Fear

In this piece I explore the positive side of the oh so dreaded feeling called Fear.

Is there such a thing you ask? Let me elaborate. 

When we are confronted with an unwanted situation we can neither change or ignore, we feel a prickly rush creep up our spine: Lady Fear.

We are all too familiar with her dark side, her clammy grip around our throat, leaving us feeling helpless and small with a sense of inertia.

But as there are always two sides to a coin, she too has got a different side to her we can and should use to our advantage.

Her power lays in creating an impulse within our hearts to go beyond what we know. She is able to reveal capabilities within ourselves we didn't even know were there. 

Lady Fear appears at the end of our comfort zone, nudging us over the edge so we can explore new territory. She is the invisible hand that pushes me onto the stage and into the spotlight at every gig I perform. I have to thank her for making me fully present to the moment and so alert, I give my best performance every time.

Because we feel fear we can be courageous.

Because we don't know what lays ahead we get to be curios.

In that sense, I think we could all do with getting a little friendlier with Lady Fear as she is a major contributor to innovation, personal growth and to making life more exciting.

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