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I provide editorial art and book illustrations for authors and publications who are not afraid to dig deep and tell it how it is. I like to unveil what’s hidden between the lines and find the light in dark places. 

I also pop my quirky illustrations onto my own creations like the Story Cards or the Moodometer, just brows my shop for a unique gift. 

In my blog I want to invite you into my world and share some helpful life hacks and behind the scenes. No frills, no pretty filters, just real life stuff from a creative rookie trying to figure out how it all goes.


Intuitively, I began to draw very early on in order to process life. It helped me stay grounded and provided feedback on my inner world. A BA in Graphic Design and and MA in illustration later, I would like for my art to do the same for others, provide comfort and help untangle the secrets to a good life and healthy mind. With a passion for the visible and invisible world (yes I’m a bit woowoo), I’m excited to help you communicate with pictures what might sometimes be hard to put into words alone.


I grew up in Basel, Switzerland, which is situated on the corner where Switzerland, France and Germany meet. The 3 countries are literally only one step apart. Besides English I’m fluent in German and French.


My Cat Leeloo traveled with me from Basel to East London. She’s fluent in English too and often exclaims a meow that sounds like ’OH NO!!!!!’ but not sure what she’s referring to.


I play bass in a psychedelic, grungy rock band called Jellly.


New ideas are born when we go beyond what we already know. 


A holistic approach to design, content and work ethics. 


My suppliers and I agree that saving the planet has the highest priority.

The materials I use are sourced ethically, don’t cause harm to the environment and produce as little waste as possible.

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