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‘Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside.’

Elinor Ulman



As an art therapy practitioner I provide my clients with the tools of creativity to help them explore and express themselves in ways that go beyond words.

Adverse life experiences often installs in us a deep sense of shame that alienates us from others, resulting in profound loneliness. As well as making art, I believe that myths and stories provide wonderful metaphors for personal development, individuation and what it means to be human. They help clients relate and feel less alone with their experience. The collective unconscious, a theory formulated by Carl Jung, is a body of cross-cultural symbols and archetypes, passed down through the medium of art and mythology. When we engage in image making, we create symbols that help us express, understand and transform ourselves.


Working with me:

My approach is person centred and client led – You are in the driving seat of your own journey, for which I provide a safe and warm environment, where you can get to know yourself and build the trust needed for a healthy relationship with yourself.

Via the image, we can address feeling states that are hard to put into words, or explore experiences that might just be too painful to talk about.

Working creatively taps into the subconscious and allows access to hidden hurdles as well as potential, whilst activating a sense of play and relaxation. Stress is externalised, freeing you from an overactive mind and overflowing emotions, bringing you back to a sense of well-being.

Do I need to be good at art?

No! Absolutely not. The artwork created during sessions is not judged by its artistic prowess but serves merely as a vehicle to gain self-knowledge. It is just a different way of expressing what is inside, encouraging release through movement, engaging the body as well as the mind.

You get to choose the art materials you are most drawn to or comfortable with, whether that is watercolours, pastels, markers, pencils, charcoal or acrylic paint. Additionally we have clay that lets you render a 3D image of your soul movements.


Get in touch for private one-on-one sessions or creative workshops based around art for well-being.

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