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What is your Tarot Card for the new year?

Here’s how you find out your Tarot card for the year 2020: Add up your birthday and month plus the sum of the numbers of the year 2020 (2+0+2+0 ) which equals 4. 

My birthday is on the 5th of September, so for me that would read 5+9. I then add the 4 from the year 2020 and receive 18.

The 18th card of the Tarot Major Arcana Cards is the Moon. And if I add up 1+8 I get 9 which points to the Hermit card.

Both cards indicate a year of deep reflection where I shall gain mental clarity by going inward and letting my intuition guide me. They encourage me to be brave, face my fears and be my truest self.

What about you? Here’s a list of all the cards with a link to their meanings if you would like to find out yours:

13. Death

I hope your card provides some guidance and focus and wish you all a fulfilling and joyful 2020!

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