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Busy Girl

By Elaine McGinty


I am the busy girl
And I buy beauty 
Looking in the mirror
Is so hard
But I buy beauty
And there it lies
So pretty 
On my credit card

I’m looking out of eyes
That need a lift
Ignoring signs 
Of laughing fits
Because beauty I need
And youth to go
Who cares
What my life 
Has shown

I am beauty 
In disguise
Behind a plain face
I can watch everything
Leave no marks
And leave no trace

I am the nervous girl
There’s no denying
This face is me
Just lying 
I haven’t been without
My special face
Because I feel out of place

All I’m thinking is
How to look less
Look less
Less less
All I’m doing is 
Squeezing my life
Into a smaller dress

And I don’t mean to sound boring
But I need to know
Is it true
If I buy beauty 
For my pride
Is it so
I starve you

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