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Imagination = God?

On where ideas come from.

At the beginning of all creation is imagination – a thought, an idea, that brings something into existence that hasn't been there before. As science progressed and brought us answers to many of the mysteries of nature and life, we began to solely rely on the facts that we had discovered.

But too much clarity can leave us in the dark sometimes

because there is no room left for the unknown, for new ideas.

We are set in our ways, even when we are unhappy, because we have always done things a certain way and we have forgotten that we have the endless resource of our imagination to help us out. In line with the saying 'Necessity is the Mother of all invention' I reminded myself that I can trust my creative nature to always find a new way.

It's in this state of uncertainty that miracles happen.

We get to the bottom of the truth not with our intellects but when we lift the boundaries of our knowledge, when we create space to make the impossible possible.

My output as an artist is as limitless as my imagination – a very soothing thought when confronted with the fact that one's latest creations 'failed' to have had an impact.

I am not a religious person but thinking about Imagination in this way gave me a concept of God I can get behind. It turns us all into Gods with creativity as the religion.

Is this blasphemy? I don't care :)

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